Air Signs 9/7

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu

Gemini- Observe. Learn.Expand

Oh Gem, it is time to slow down and ponder what's around you. With the fiery energy of Leo and drive from the last new moon lighting up your desires now subsiding, it is now best to allow yourself to lay low, rest and water your expansion through observation so you can plan. As a mutable sign experiencing a mutable New Moon just on the cusp of a retrograde in your ruling planet, you may feel conflict between the hyperactivity in your mind and your body’s desire to rest. Feel into the grounding energy of Virgo and sort through your mind and its connection to the outer world. Consider your emotional responses to what’s around you and expand on what feels good. Observe. Learn. Expand.


Libra- What is Your Body Telling You?

Beautiful Libra, your body may be showing you where boundaries surrounding your health and daily habits need to be set. Are you experiencing sensitivities? Are you ignoring the little ways your body asks for your attention? This Virgo New moon is asking you to consider prioritizing yourself and health, and feeling through your own personal body language. Similar to fellow air sign Gemini, you are being guided to explore where you store emotions, and how they are affecting not only your inner but your outer world. With this new moon being in disciplined Virgo, you will be supported in creating stability and routine just in time for the retrogrades that will distract you from being able to.

Aquarius- Release to Receive

Airy Aquarius, it is time to bring resolve to some of your lingering concerns. Matters needing your attention will be coming up at this time so that you can close them out and release them. Contracts of all kinds are game, and it is up to you to use your discernment to determine which ones to rewrite. Releasing to Receive is the theme for you as you will be supported in your expansion as you shed the dead weight of your past and embrace your now. Your cycles will be ever more apparent as vigilant Virgo will bring into your awareness where the energy exchanges you are entertaining or have entertained have been or are now stagnant. Your past cannot serve your present.