Earth Signs

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu

Taurus- Evaluate and Invest in Your Foundation

Dear Taurus, with both the Sun, Moon and Mercury illuminating your house of home security and foundation, it is time to evaluate what legacy you want to leave behind. How have your parents or ancestors affected your dwelling space and the way you view it? What makes a house a home for you? What generational lessons surrounding your home security and foundation have resurfaced for you to let go of, and how and where do you want your foundation to be? In this time, you are supported in your efforts to make major changes at home and plan for the future. Get those Pencils!

Virgo- Be Still and Tap Into Silence

Dear Virgo. While you may be feeling the spin of the world around you, your intuition may be calling you to nest. With the current planetary alignments making their way through your privacy sector it is best to utilize this energy to be still and gather your thoughts. This Leo New Moon is literally shining on your secrets and asking you to take the time to give yourself some compassion. What is being brought to the surface for you at this time? What themes in your life are asking for your attention? While Leo energy typically sends us all to the limelight, you dear Virgo are asked to retract into your shadow. Listen to your gut and take note of what is triggering you.

Capricorn- Consider Your Commitments

Oh Cap, are you feeling the trust tug when it comes to being presented with the opportunity to collaborate? How do you feel about potential
commitments and where can vulnerability help you to deepen them? How do you view your self-worth in partnerships and how is this affecting your security? You are currently transitioning out of impulsive, romantic encounter energy, and are now being asked to take a slow, introspective look at what partnerships you have that prove mutually beneficial if you could only allow yourself to be open to them. With the moon illuminating your 7th house, now is a wonderful time to commit.