Earth Signs 9/7

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu

Taurus- Embrace Your Creative Self Expression

Caring Taurus, for all the support you’ve provided to encourage creativity and support the unique expression of your loved ones, you are now being encouraged to support your own. Your love of artistic interpretation and all things beautiful are a constant reminder that you yourself also have the ability to create, and this Virgo New moon is here to inspire you to share your own unique self-expression. It is time to release the blockages that have blossomed from your attachments to what you’ve deemed safe and secure and allow yourself to flow into the unknown of where your imagination can lead you. Allowing your inner creator to shine will garner support from those who love you, and those who will.

Virgo- It’s Time to Shed

Hello there Virgo. Tis your season, and with it comes a freeing New Moon to help empower you to choose the life you want to live and trim what truly no longer resonates with you anymore. You are feeling a strong desire to reconstruct all that is around you and release the attachments you‘ve been having to what is now outdated. You’ve been carefully cultivating your dreams and will reap the benefits of what you’ve been giving your energy to. Don’t allow your emotions to prevent your shed, they will pass. This New Moon in your sign will amplify your discernment and show you the way.

Capricorn- BroadenYour Repertoire

Welcome to the Virgo New moon where you will be supported in the expansion of your mind. You may be feeling a call to learn something new or expand your repertoire of things you already know. It’s time to update your systems and cultivate your expansion. The safety of your box will not serve you at this time, so travel, socialize and tap into new learning with an open mind through the experiences that manifest for you now. Consider different perspectives and embrace what is different.