Fire Signs 9/7

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu


Aries – Release Your Clutter

This lunation illuminates your 6th house of health, routine and work, and will inspire you to declutter your spaces and organize your life, one detail at a time. While Aries loves to blaze a trail on its pursuits, you usually also blaze pass important details that could significantly improve your quest. Utilize this New Moon energy to create structure and strategic aim. Free up from old attachments and remember that as without so within, and as within, so without. A cluttery environment is a reflection of a cluttery mind. With this Virgo moon, you will gain much clarity on who/what needs to stay and is deserving of your energy, thus presenting opportunities for improvement in your life and relationships in preparation for your launch into the next fiery season of Sag.

Leo- Time to Budget

Beautiful Lion, as we move out of your place in the sun and into this meticulous Virgo moon, you will be moved to take a look at your finances and how you’ve been restricted by doubts and limiting beliefs surrounding this area of your life. With the main themes of this moon surrounding organization and introspection, you are being asked to consider how to expand your money and thrive. You will be vibrationally supported in assembling your passions and possibly shifting into new career opportunities or collaborations. Money is Energy and Energy is currency. Consider that when you “pay” attention to something you are “buying” that experience. Now is the perfect time to create a budget and enjoy.

Sagittarius- Fine-Tune Your Career

It’s time Sagi. We are moving forward towards your home place in the sun, but first, we will take a stroll through your house of careers where this Virgo New moon will activate your focus and streamline your vision. You will be supported in your desire to finish what you start and fine tune the details of what you are building, by any means necessary. Feel into what resonates with you as you will come across opportunities for connection and collaborations that will be fruitful. Ebb and flow with what presents itself and release the attachment to structure at this time. It is more important to focus on the destination and not the journey.