Fire Signs

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu

Aries – Embrace Your Inner Artist

Fiery Ram, you may just be coming out of some shake ups to your security and finance sector, but please do not allow that to affect your vibration at this time. With the sun shining on your creative and romantic endeavors and both the Sun and Moon in your  5th house, you will be supported to tap into your inner artist, using your passions and love to fuel you. Although Leo typically represents “its all about me” energy, you are being asked to recognize the opportunities you have to shine through collaboration and community. Ask yourself, where do you feel supported, and who encourages you to shine?


Leo- Start Something New

Lion, King of the Jungle, now is the time to dive into yourself. All that has happened in the past few months has supported your endeavors through collaboration and built a beautiful foundation for you to leap from. With so much fiery energy to motivate you, you are being asked to evaluate how you can use your passions to grow as a better human in this world. With Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to your Sun, you may be feeling challenged in balancing these new partnerships with your desire to invest time into your own self betterment, however, do allow yourself to relish in the support of these connections. They serve to teach you and guide you somewhere beautiful.


Sagittarius- Follow Your Inquisition

Oh Sag, the places you will go! Where is your curiosity leading you, and from there what will you learn? Now is a wonderful time to expand your library and dive into pursuits that stimulate your mind. You are supported by the wisdom that spirit will manifest through the people you meet and are surround by. Be open to new ways of perceiving things and pay attention to what you are feeling in your body when taking in new information. With Sag ruling the lower part of the body, listen to your gut! What excites you? What do you want to learn more about? How can you apply what you learn to your passions and endeavors? Let the fire of this New Moon inspire you go on an adventure.