Water Signs

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu

Cancer- Evaluate Your Self Worth and Finances

Abundance is all around you dear Cancer, and it is yours for the taking. This New Moon in Leo is blessing your finances and your ability to manifest income opportunities by being yourself and sharing your natural gifts. Who are you when no one is looking? What hidden talents do you have? How can you monetize them? What do you do for fun that could be turned into a career? What tangible rewards are motivation enough for you to soar? You may be experiencing some themes revolving around your self-worth and all you’ve given and done for those in your partnerships. With the moon illuminating your 4 th house, it’s now time to invest your time, energy, and resources in your natural talents. Allow the present energies to guide you to financial freedom by empowering you to come out of your shell and be your self, not the self that everyone else expects you to be.

Scorpio- Adjust Your Crown

Adjust your crown dear Scorpio it’s time for you to come out of the shadows. New Moon in Leo is supporting you to be boldly confident and reassured in your accomplishments and endeavors. You’ve spent a few moons feeling all the feels of shadow work and ego deaths, but this transit is guiding you to the light at the end of the tunnel. While there may be key connections in your life who have previously served to provide you with validation, the transits are aligning you on your own personal journey of accountability and self-reassurance. Utilize this energy to be motivated and boldly empowered to celebrate your wins, regardless of how small. You’ve made it to this point, and you are worthy.

Pisces- Stay on Track

Dearest Pisces you have a little bit on conflicting energy with this New
Moon, but you are one of the most skilled signs in adapting through your
experiences. While you may be feeling pulled to escape this reality, the moon is illuminating your 6th house, which means it is time to use the fiery energy of Leo to buckle down on your daily practices. You are fortunate to have a supporting cast of planets that are encouraging you to pay close attention to how you care for yourself and stay in tuned with the inner compass that is guiding you to the habits that serve and empower you. Just the same, you are surrounded by community who are also in place to support you on your journey. Now is a magical time to pull out of your comfort zone of swimming deep and embrace the shallowness of routine.