Water Signs 9/7

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu


Cancer- Cultivate through Communication

Hello Lovely. What a beautiful time it is to embrace the Virgo New Moon’s ruling planet of Mercury and use communication to fine tune what you are building. You will be supported best through your efforts to collaborate and brainstorm with whoever shows up for you at this time. With Virgo being the super discerner of the zodiac, use your own intuitive mastery to discern what new tasks to take on and what should be delegated. You will be guided through analytical thinking and how to apply what you learn from your team in practical ways to build.

Scorpio- Time to Get Movin

Yass Scorpio you are feeling all the feels of impending success and the drive to roll up your sleeves and get shit done. With the last New Moon bringing you out of the shadows, you should be feeling a little bit more comfortable in your light, and freer from your emotions. With much improved in your work and life balance, you can now implement some forward action with the fresh energy you’ve gained from your relief. You’ve got this, and this moon’s got you.

Pisces- Align.

Sensitive Pisces you’ve got all the feels with this somber lunation, but you will be able to use it for your expansion with mastery. Feel through the energies of this transit and identify what alignment feels like for you. Your relationships will be illuminated at this time and you will be gently guided to energetically embrace Virgo’s decisiveness and observe with clarity and rationale, what things really are and what that means for you. What you are feeling most at this time is this lunar transit’s aspect to your home planet of Neptune, sending you deeeeep into your feels. Don’t get lost there but do use the energy to consider boundaries and where they will best serve you. If it doesn’t align, don’t co-sign.