Full Moon in Aquarius

Nicole de la Hoz

This cycle is loaded with info (in true Aquarius fashion) - so much so, that we have not 1 but 2 Full Moons in Aqua this season!

Author: Jessica Freites @thecosmicconduit 


So we are here, we have arrived. And it can be mighty confusing.

After the level of personal work much of the world has faced over the last year and half it is very clear that things have changed quite a bit. Including, your role in the scheme of things and who exactly is this newyou”, what the next steps are, what our futures (individually and collectively) look like and how do we best show up in a world that seems to be a sea of gray. Well the answer is YOU

We come into this Full Moon the day after the Sun moves into Leo, so the shift will be felt. Leo, ruled by the Sun, wants us to SHINE BRIGHT, to express our INDIVIDUAL light - IN THE MOMENT.

That is such an absolutely creative process, fueled by passion, COURAGE and LOVE.


With this moon in Aquarius we are shedding that which gets in the way of the heart. Namely, the systems of thought that exist in our “reality” that are not necessarily always grounded, nor take into account the complexity, creativity and fluidity of actual reality.

The shadow of Aqua tends to lose its sense of Self and the needs of the individual in the name of the group and the future - both of which lack the personal flair of the HEART and the NOW. This can lead to sacrificing one’s self to essentially fit in. (This is where the reputation of Aquarius and ALIENation comes in). So we get to let that go and realize the medicine in these murky times is YOU.

The systems are falling, being reworked, restructured and the answer is your DIVINE CREATIVE EXPRESSION every single moment. A rebellion devoid of heart, science devoid of humanity, systems devoid of creativity and a future devoid of love is not the answer.

You are, and your duty on this planet is to shine your light, celebrate your light, and have the courage to do so - however that may look, as much as humanly possible. Let us build this masterpiece together. ;) 




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