We don’t do Collections

We release one product at a time when it is complete. This ensures that the artisans are not overworked and pushed to complete a huge quantity of labour all at once, with unrealistic hours. It also ensures that they are kept in regular flowing work and not thrown in and out of big projects. We have a sustainable and realistic approach for all. 

We practice slow production. This is the essence of everything at GBKNATURE. We don’t have production deadlines on any of our items, the workers have the ability and freedom to manage their hours, giving flexibility for all.

Our Materials

Aneshka our founder is committed to using premium materials for long-lasting wear. Our suppliers source conflict-free recycled gold, and recycled silver, and Eco-friendly stainless steel. Furthermore, we are close to implementing the use of 100% recycled metals across all products throughout every future collection. 

Our suppliers are a not-for-profit organization established to promote responsible ethical, social and environmental business practices. Manufactured and Handmade In India our suppliers have made strong commitments to support the health and safety of employees, and to reduce consumption of natural resources and overall environmental impact.

Our Packaging

We’ve selected sustainable materials from recyclable boxing to refresh our packaging. Made from 100% recycled card and paper, each box uses eco-friendly inks, and features a clean minimal aesthetic.

The results are reusable jewelry pouches with a focus on sustainable materials Designed to carry and protect your goddess armor pieces. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to adjusting, improving and supporting the development and the professionalism of our community. We see sustainability as an opportunity rather than a challenge, and we are committed to adhering to the principles of sustainable development. As we continually look for ways to improve our practices and bring about transparency to our supply chain, we hope you’ll join us throughout the evolution of this journey.