Full Moon in Pisces | 9.20

Nicole de la Hoz

 Author: Jessica Freites  @thecosmicconduit



There is a lot going on with this sky, but a few of the central themes and keywords are – Purification (of mind, body and spirit), Discernment, Acceptance, Adaptability, Awareness, Crisis, Healing, Cleansing, Transcendence through Embodiment, Discernment, Clarity. What are we getting clear on and releasing? – Escapism, Victimization, Grief, Exaggerated idealism, Illusion, Delusion, Martyrdom and Deception. 

Healing is a process. And although healing is a non-linear process and looks very different for every individual, there are certain steps that cannot be skipped when it comes to integration and expanding one’s consciousness.  We can only ignore, sleep away, smoke away, drink away, distract and disassociate for so long before we eventually lose grip on the present moment and things get so foggy we forget our way home. 

Healing is often preceded by CRISIS, a wake-up call if you will. Something that causes us to firmly pay attention, to let us know where we have deviated.  When we are faced with any major change (even the positive ones), suffer loss, experience trauma, or our ideals and expectations do not match up with our reality, ACCEPTANCE is of utmost importance. But we cannot accept that which is, until we are CLEAR on what exactly we are accepting.  When there are oceans of information, mass confusion, old pains, untruths, subconscious patterns unraveling and lurking in the collective as well as in our individual realities how do we know what is what? DISCERNMENT (Virgo super power word). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet which governs over the mind. While the lower expression of Pisces wants to float away and escape, this Virgo season was an opportunity to prepare the harvest. To take stock, purify, and release any old baggage so we can transcend and prepare for the next evolution of consciousness. Depending on your individual chart, this can be letting go of (and very likely grieving); old relationships, outdated beliefs, former perception of self, past-life pains, one’s career, daily routines, etc.  If we are to level up, to continue expanding we must literally LIGHTEN our load - this can also be quite literal (Virgo does rule over the digestive tract so it is a great time for fasting).  These themes will continue over the next few weeks as Mercury prepares to go retrograde. We will continue balancing and applying information received inwardly and externally one step at a time. With each step taken there is an opportunity for clarity, release and rebalancing - some steps are longer than others, some steps are 10 in 1, but what is most important is coming back home, to center, to truth and allowing your mind to be an ally in this process. Take your time, there is no finish line ;) but since ya gotta start somewhere,  a big deep breath in the present moment is a great place to do so. <3 All the love to you on your journey.


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    I love it my family is in a grieving period and it doesn’t see to want to ease up. Praying is helping some but the heart is so heavy. Tell me what I need to heal. Thank you.

  • Posted by Marsha on

    My sign is Aquarius

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