On Full Moon day, Mars will be conjunct (on top of) the North Node in Gemini. The North Node deals with the lessons we have neglected in incarnations past, and us stepping out of our spiritual “comfort zones” so we can evolve on a soul level.  In Gemini this takes place in the realm of thoughts and communication.  Listening and understanding – gathering information before taking action. With Mars and the North Node in Gemini in hard aspect to Mercury in Pisces, it is essential to clarify the information we are receiving - we may still be feeling confused, unclear, or be in denial. So, what will give us clarity? – our feelings. And they can very likely be what sparks us initiating the conversations we have been neglecting. With three planetary bodies in Aries - the Sun (identity), Venus (our values, needs and desires) as well as Chiron (our wounds), there is no escaping that we MUST let go of communicating who we are expected to be or who we shrink ourselves to be in order to satisfy the other. Instead it is time to be WHO WE ARE.  If we are not quite clear on who we are, at the very least we will become clear on WHO WE ARE NOT.  How? – Well, here is when ANGER comes in as a helpful tool. There is your warning shot 😉

The Significance of Palm Sunday

A quick note on why this is so significant at present. The story and message of Jesus was one of the purest authenticity of Self DESPITE WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT. Despite being casted out. Despite being sentenced to death. In other words – Jesus didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought of him so long as he walked in his light and so here we are.  You don’t have to be Jesus, but you do have an opportunity to be reborn unto your heart’s desire despite what anyone else has to say about it.

Jessica Frietes