Full Moon In Scorpio cont.

Further Reading - A Bit of Astro Context 

Over the past week with a stellium in Taurus making contact to soul-shocking Uranus we can want to explosively reclaim ourselves (or feel like we are being forced to).  But with Mars having just moved into Cancer and all this Taurus energy in square (tension aspect) to Saturn, we may feel like this process is like trying to run through mud, or more so, wet cement. We may be exhausted, and just want to eat, smoke, and fuck away our feelings. 

Saturn is here to teach us that there is a difference between self-denial and self moderation. Our limitations - when coming from a space of healthy discipline and building strong foundational framework are essential for optimal manifestation and growth. On the other hand, the continual repression of one's feelings and pleasure - even the repression of one's rest has us searching for joy everywhere else except for within.  

Take that slowness, and direct the attention inward. Get intimate with you. There is a big difference between merely surviving as opposed to sustaining and thriving. The latter is calling.



Some sacred words for this Full Moon - Repeat to yourself aloud or quietly as many times as necessary. 


I am a divine being . I am in the divine flow of giving and receiving. May I let go of any fears, any shame, any guilt I hold around giving and receiving pleasure, abundance and love. May I let go of any fears, any shame, any guilt I hold around giving and receiving  money, sex and power. I am a divine being.  I am a source of my abundance, I am the source of my pleasure. I am a divine being. I celebrate my sensuality. My body. My power. The power that lies within my body. I release guilt and shame and make space for pleasure. Divine pleasure. I am a divine being. My body is a divine vessel. I celebrate myself and my divine vessel in any way of my choosing. I have everything I need. Because I am a divine being. An abundant, powerful, sensual, delicious, divine being!  And so it is. And so it is!