Full Moon in Aquarius

Nicole de la Hoz

 Author: Jessica Freites  @thecosmicconduit



As we discussed last month the Leo / Aqua axis most deals with the concept of the Identity Self realized. Leo being the ego, the creative expression of all that is YOU. And Aquarius putting that ego, that self, into context of the world and our networks - friend groups, politics, community and what that may look like for our future. 
And right now we may be seriously wondering what the fuck that future looks like. Being that this cycle falls on the last degree of Leo/Aqua it is apparent that the version of ourselves we once knew (and the world), is no longer. But one thing is evident, this new identity, whether we like it or not is HEART open as fuck. It may be uncomfortable, it may make us feel vulnerable like a mofo, it may bring up all of our fears of the future, along with all of its what ifs - but this open heart is your super power!!
There are a lot of moving parts as far as the aspects of this chat but it screams MAJOR EARTH AND espeeeecially AIR ENERGY. The air element deals with how we think, how we communicate those thoughts, and essentially how we relate and build relationship around those ideas and information. Now what if I told you that everything that makes up this reality is spawned from thought. And relationships are us relating our thoughts to one another. And every interaction you have with another creates the web of thought that makes up the ideologies that form our ENTIRE society.
Every relationship and moment of relating that you have with another gives birth to the fabric of our reality. *Read that again*


Now what if in those moments of relating - in partnership, with family, with strangers, with neighbors, etc., you allowed yourself to be courageous and vulnerable enough to actually be this NOW version of YOU. NOT BASED ON A PROJECTED FUTURE, but you right HERE, right NOW. And that this would give way to laying the very foundation to birth something entirely new, entirely unfamiliar all prompted by an entirely new way of relating. 

So, with this moon I implore you to let your heart's desire fly free of whatever fears you have conjured about the future based on the past. Let go of the fear of the unknown, the projections, the ideologies - for there is very likely an epiphany, a discovery, a breakthrough right around the corner - and the key to this shift into the New Earth lies within your heart. Happy full moon ;)

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