New Moon in VIRGO

Nicole de la Hoz

Written by: Martou @Martoutouuu


For this Virgo New Moon, we are currently transiting out of the spotlight of Leo and into our hermitages. In tandem with some key planetary alignments, this New Moon will be blessing us with fresh starts and personal awakenings. This lunar transit is here to bring us back to ourselves. The selves we are when we are home alone, reflecting, and taking inventory of the finest details of our lives. It’s time to consider how to balance prioritizing our own personal needs and being available to support our loved ones and others.

Selective Virgo is one of the most observant signs of the zodiac. They spend their time peering out at the world through a critical lens, the same lens in which they criticize themselves, thus quietly motivating them to fine tune their crafts and perfect their passions. It’s a beautiful time to focus on tapping into your unique essence to meticulously build something tangible from what you want to express.

This season we will be experiencing some significant action in our love and revolutionary sectors as Uranus and Venus will both be aspected by this lunation. Uranus, the papa of sudden shifts and rebellion will bring epiphanies that will inspire major breakthroughs in our lives. Venus trine to Jupiter will be a blessing to love and financial aspects, and it’s important not to sleep on those opportunities as they reveal. You manifested them! Sprinkle these transits with the Neptunian influence from Pisces, and what comes to the surface for you is exactly the subconscious purging that you need. Go deep! Themes surrounding what we consume (literally and figuratively) are things to reflect on as this is a time to consider what is necessary and what is not, while we gain clarity on how what we take in influences us in a deep, subconscious way, and why. This New Moon will be launching us into our inner personas and supporting each unique way they choose to reveal. Lean into what resonates with you. What you cultivate now will bring rich and tangible reward.


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