The Journal

Full Moon

  • Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

    Owwweeee, Eclipse season has arrived! Full Moon energy is all about letting go, and Eclipses are basically Full Moons on steroids lol.  So what are we releasing this lunar cycle?

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  • Full Moon in Scorpio

    Since this moon is in intimate-depths-of-your-soul Scorpio, think of this post as an intuitive love letter from Me to your Highest Self. And being that there are 4 planets in super earthly embodied and visceral Taurus, it will be less of a conventional astro report and more a meditative reading exercise. Read out loud slowly if possible. There will be various moments where I ask you to pause and sit with the words, and the breath. I implore you to take as much space as you need in order to do so.