Full Moon in Scorpio

Nicole de la Hoz

Monday, April 26th - Full Moon in 7° Scorpio

Written by: Jessica Freites

Full Moon Energy in a Nutshell

Full moons carry within them an energy of endings and of purging old stories of pain in order to integrate further with your highest Self .  The moon representing the emotional patterns we are often unaware of but those we carry right at the surface – our insecurities, fears, and emotional desires that shape much of our day to day lives. The literal light of the Sun (our identity aspect) is cast upon this shadow of the self, allowing us to become aware of these patterns and hopefully letting go of whatever no longer is serving us. The more self-aware and proactive we are in this process, the more we have the opportunity for deep and continual self-actualization.


Demons and diamonds and everything else born out of darkness...

Since this moon is in intimate-depths-of-your-soul Scorpio, think of this post as an intuitive love letter from Me to your Highest Self. And being that there are 4 planets in super earthly embodied and visceral Taurus, it will be less of a conventional astro report and more a meditative reading exercise. Read out loud slowly if possible. There will be various moments where I ask you to pause and sit with the words, and the breath. I implore you to take as much space as you need in order to do so. 


You have to feel it to know it.  To truly know something, experience is essential. To literally em-body a truth, is to make something REAL, bring it into form. Feel it in your bones. And so that is what we are doing here this Taurus season. Quite literally creating a New World, individually and collectively. And where do you get the resources to build this Earth, this reality, this you? 

From within, of course. (take a deep breath)

From nature. (take another)

From all that Is. (take your deepest breath yet, maybe even close your eyes for a moment)

From the land of our bodies and the land of this great planet. (notice the pace of your breathing)

This season we are to tap into the stillness of BEING in order to harness the power of life. But first that means letting go of whatever is not letting us BE. Just be, at peace.  

What is getting in the way of that flow? What keeps you up at night? What lurks in your darkness? What's possessing you? What are you possessing? - Survival, DEATH, debts, illness, betrayal, loneliness, losses, lusts, phobias, fears, addiction, shame? - (PAUSE. Feel it, feel them all). What isn't letting you experience the God given birthright that is your peace? (BIG EXHALE OUT)


You may not always have the words to describe them, but indeed the more we pay attention, quiet the noise, become AWARE of the minutiae of sensations, the more we know if we like what we feel. Unfortunately for many of us we've been taught that what feels good (self love) is bad. And the majority of what we've accepted as "good", namely the possession of things and others, is a cheap fix.
This diminishes joy in so many facets of life. You want to love (you) so badly.

Your higher You knows you are ready to LOVE.

Knows that desire, and pleasure and intimacy, and money and power and sex can be GREAT! Knows all these things we've shoved into the darkness and even the darkness itself is GREAT! For it is from the darkness where all of life springs forth.
Your highest Self knows this and that if we are operating from a space of (self) LOVE and hurting no one in the process, this is how we tap into the power of creation - how we birth reality - and how we can share intimately with others to create more em-power-ment, more love! But we've stopped listening to how we FEEL. We've let past pain at the hand of trusting others - heartache, loss, punishment, and betrayal - change how we love. How we LIVE.

Our value(s) have been skewed, to say the least, and have been shaped by a preoccupation in avoiding pain, expecting it at every turn. We've stopped trusting anything that brings us joy, because inevitably, it will end. It may sever our heart. And somewhere along the line we stopped trusting this whole process. Confusing transformational love with transactional love and gripping for dear life just to control the chaos.


-- BREATHE. Breathe again. --

Thankfully, right NOW we have a grand blessing to claim. We have the choice to harness the transformative energy of Scorpio, to surrender and shed. To die. 

Yes, you read that correctly, you have the sacred opportunity to die. At least the part of you that isn't letting You LIVE. And like many, that may very likely terrify the shit out of you. That's ok. Any shame around that come up? Let that go too. (DEEP BREATH).




"Like everyone else, you want to learn the way to win but never to accept the way to lose. To accept defeat, to learn to die is to be liberated from it. So when tomorrow comes, you must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying." - Bruce Lee



They are in an infinitely inseparable dance. And yet we act as if we have any control over one or the other. We live our entire lives terrified of what happens when it all ends.

We make "endings" the bad guy, all the while a new birth is an automatic promise of the finality of every moment. We run-away from the death, the loss, or chase after it - becoming so ready to cheat it, outsmart it.

We also crank the volume up all the way on what we've settled to define as "Life"- confusing materiality for aliveness. Excessively overindulging and attaching to the world of form, becoming a slave to it.

Entrenching our entire sense of self worth, of value to it. And yet again, never really having a moment to LIVE. To breathe. To KNOW PEACE. To be free to it all.

Don't confuse having with acquiring. The acquiring is the fun part. Having is just a safety net. Let go of what doesn't feel good so you can make space and continue acquiring what does. 

Get sensual. Get grounded. Make it passionate. Make it loving. Be.



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