Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Nicole de la Hoz

It is time to stop escaping and start relating, to listen, and to observe. 

Author: Jessica Freites @thecosmicconduit



Well namely, the belief that the truth lies OUTSIDE of you. We are shedding the belief that to connect to something greater, something "bigger" perhaps through dogma, religion, various lovers, travel, a higher high, more "knowledge" etc. - that it is all lying outside of you. That there is some "RIGHT" answer and if you do enough drugs or read enough books, you'll have the manual, you'll get the answer. Essentially escaping and not believing the truth that lies within. The truth that isn't static, that isn't absolute, that is constantly changing - because you and we are constantly changing. 

Where did we learn to doubt this inner voice (Gemini rules communication and thoughts). Well, through tons and tons of deep conditioning.  Lots of religious residue and an absolute fear of being punished, of sinning,of karma, of not making it to heaven or to nirvana and so on. And so we have been escaping from the truth and in the name of truth. 

P.S. Escaping from one dogma, philosophy or guru just to thrust oneself into another - without consistently checking in with your mind, your thoughts, and your truth, is still escaping.

Basically we are at war - namely with ourselves. What happens when your Self (or inner voice) is telling you one thing, even if you don't hear it, and your conditioned beliefs tell you another? Well, you come into conflict. What is another term for conflict - you guessed it, war. Funny how Sagittarius is also associated with the philosophical or spiritual (dogmatic) warrior. 

So the time of blind action in the name of a cause - in the name of an absolute truth - without reflecting, observing and getting to know your own thoughts, your own monologue, your own mind - well it is time to shed that. 

It is time to stop escaping and start relating, to listen, and to observe.  To see everyone as a teacher, every moment, every breath as an opportunity to learn and be FREE. To let go of the conditioning that has caused you to stop turning to you and the reality right in front of you as an infinite source of truth. Happy exploring ;)
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