Full Moon In Libra

Nicole de la Hoz

Conflict Resolution Starts with the Self. 
written by Jessica Frietes

Sunday, March 28th - Full Moon in 7° Libra.

The only way to engage in a fruitful relationship or relating is to not sacrifice one's most honest expression of Self for the other.  

And so, this exceptionally potent Full Moon in Libra is calling us to know and experience with every fiber of our being that relationships of ALL kinds are an opportunity for you to decide, Who You Want to Be,  and also making it crystal clear who and what you want to be in relation to. 

It can be bumpy and painful and endings of any relationship or partnership not supporting your growth are extremely possible at this time, things may even be borderline explosive – especially if you have not been honoring your anger as a sacred signal. Diplomacy may fly out the window this weekend, and that’s ok – to a point. No one said being your authentic self was easy, and everyone is battling the same battle.  If you find yourself reaching a point of conflict climax in your relationships try to continually remind yourself that this is an opportunity for you to show up as who you want to be. And the highest expression of Self is that of LOVE.  What that looks like or what that means to you is for you to decide. This does not mean being "nice" or people pleasing. But channeling some of that warrior energy in coming days by engaging in physical activities to blow off some steam, getting creative, working on some passion projects and keeping as grounded as possible throughout this process can definitely tone down any possible savagery lol. This also opens up the gateway for healthy expressions of anger. As opposed to turning to judgement or the blame game (of others or ourselves) we can instead acknowledge and honor emotions and triggers as they present themselves.  What in YOU is requiring YOUR attention? Can you hold space for that without judgement?  

Full Moon Energy in a Nutshell

Full moons carry within them an energy of endings and of purging old stories of pain in order to integrate further with your highest Self .  The moon representing the emotional patterns we are often unaware of but those we carry right at the surface – our insecurities, fears, and emotional desires that shape much of our day to day lives.  When the moon is full the literal light of the Sun (our identity aspect) is cast upon this shadow of the self, allowing us to become aware of these patterns and hopefully letting go of whatever no longer is serving us. The more self-aware and proactive we are in this process, the more we have the opportunity for deep and continual self-actualization.

Being that full moons always occur when the Sun and Moon are opposing one another from the standpoint of Earth, this weekend’s dynamic duo falls along the Aries-Libra axis. This being the axis of relationship; Aries governing the self in relation to the self, and Libra governing the self in relation to others.

Now, before we take the deep dive in, let me warn you that this Sunday’s moon has a whole lot of juice behind it and I’ll be breaking it down step by step.  Namely, we just had the Spring Equinox a week ago which is the astrological New Year and a BIG DEAL, also this moon happens to fall on Palm Sunday, marking the beginning of Holy Week which is exceptionally significant no matter what your spiritual beliefs are, and lastly there will be a whole lot of planets in conversation amping the already exceptionally hype Aries vibes to 1,000.

The Spring Equinox – Aries at 0° - The Spirit of the Warrior

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! So last week we shifted gears drastically, moving from watery Pisces into fiery Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, marking the beginning of the astro New Year.  This day marks the dawn of the light quite literally, we have equal parts daylight and darkness on Earth (in the Northern Hemisphere) and until the next Equinox in Fall the light continues increasing.  Aries being the first fire sign brings the light and brings it HARD and FAST.  All of the emotional self-exploration, all of the soul searching, all of the seed planting we (hopefully) explored in months past now has the opportunity to integrate and to blossom into full form.  This year our first major lunar phase happens to be a full moon – A FINAL ENDING TO USHER IN A NEW BEGINNING. Aries is pure raw Spirit, the energy that makes self-expression possible, without being molded, or impeded upon by the thoughts or opinions of others. Its planetary ruler Mars symbolizes our pure raw life force energy in action – it is the Spirit that drives the warrior and our most authentic motivations. Now, when our drives and motivations are stifled, are impeded or repressed this can turn into ANGER, lots of it – from the passive aggressive, to the explosive aggressive. Anger in and of itself is not “bad” for it provides us a warning shot, letting us know when a boundary has been crossed, by another or ourselves. 

3 Planetary Aspects in Aries Opposite Moon in Libra and then some…

So anger, motivation, drive (including sexual), let’s get into all of that…


OR are you expressing a version of self, as a response to past conditioning created in former relationships – familial, romantic, friendship, etc? Are you showing up in a way which is dictated by how you can secure or keep “the other?” -  Getting clear on this is pivotal in the grand scheme of things and for the year ahead.  

In Closing…

A new world is here and it requires a massive re-haul about how we approach the concept of relationship. It is time for us to understand that relationship has nothing and everything to do with the other - by committing first and foremost continually, moment by moment to the truest, rawest most authentic expression of ourselves. This is how we shift the world – FOR WHAT IS COMMUNITY BUT A NETWORK OF RELATIONSHIPS. And although this full moon is indeed a fiery one it has long term implications and is supported by taskmaster Saturn. These personal shifts impact the ability of us as individuals to enact our dreams and harness literal light into form. Being that Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius - which deals with areas surrounding government, social reform, friendship, humanitarianism, technology, and essentially man’s role in the greater community, the greater network, it is time for us to turn our individual light on so we can create radical shifts on our planet. By breaking free from DENIAL we get to build our future anew. 

Although explosively is not always a fun route to regeneration, it can be the alchemical fire we need to initiate change within ourselves and for the betterment of our development as a collective.




On Full Moon day, Mars will be conjunct (on top of) the North Node in Gemini. The North Node deals with the lessons we have neglected in incarnations past, and us stepping out of our spiritual “comfort zones” so we can evolve on a soul level.  In Gemini this takes place in the realm of thoughts and communication.  Listening and understanding – gathering information before taking action. With Mars and the North Node in Gemini in hard aspect to Mercury in Pisces, it is essential to clarify the information we are receiving - we may still be feeling confused, unclear, or be in denial. So, what will give us clarity? – our feelings. And they can very likely be what sparks us initiating the conversations we have been neglecting. With three planetary bodies in Aries - the Sun (identity), Venus (our values, needs and desires) as well as Chiron (our wounds), there is no escaping that we MUST let go of communicating who we are expected to be or who we shrink ourselves to be in order to satisfy the other. Instead it is time to be WHO WE ARE.  If we are not quite clear on who we are, at the very least we will become clear on WHO WE ARE NOT.  How? – Well, here is when ANGER comes in as a helpful tool. There is your warning shot 😉

The Significance of Palm Sunday

A quick note on why this is so significant at present. The story and message of Jesus was one of the purest authenticity of Self DESPITE WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT. Despite being casted out. Despite being sentenced to death. In other words – Jesus didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought of him so long as he walked in his light and so here we are.  You don’t have to be Jesus, but you do have an opportunity to be reborn unto your heart’s desire despite what anyone else has to say about it.


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  • Posted by Jade Battiste on

    This full moon I fully intend to walk the path of my authentic self. I just release a 2 year relationship that was not serving me justice. I realize that my toxic trait while in relationships is stay past my time. A lady always knows when to leave. I left because my peace is more important than anything. Going through the new moon I was emotional and also started a new job which gave me a sense of purpose and creativity. Now in the full moon I plan to work on my holistic healing brand at full force. I have had people receive my energy and want to be a part of my tribe! I’m so grateful for my family, my tribe, the sun and the moon and the ancestors for guiding me, my heart and my spirit! I intent to dig deport into my healing journey and accept all parts of me. I’ve never loved myself more than I do today right now in this moment! Thank you for the support and for the jewelry that I order because it makes me feel royal and helps me live and walk in my power!

  • Posted by Ariel Alflalo on

    My intentions is to become a better artist. With my pole journey and painting. I have been painting all my life and done pole for 2. I want this my calling, to move up within my career. To leave the corporate world and work for myself. It took 31 years to feel like I am on the right path in life.

  • Posted by Erika on

    Waouw, this all goes deep and is so accurate of what has been happening lately. I am a libra, my partner is pisces, I have my moon in pisces. All our previous problems were about having kids (my Chiron) and I couldn’t let go off the relationship… I became pregnant and she is born in 2017, my angel, our angel, she transformed me into the goddess I used to be, fired up that inner child, wild, wise, authentic and so free. She is that girl. And he is in love with her. See until now, I was doing most off the parenting work, he helped out, the fun stuff but I took way too much responsibility. Giving, always giving, fulfilling the needs of others … in my yogaclasses, in my relationship, always repeating a pattern of my childhood, my wounded child, giving love to my wounded mother… .
    I became sick 2 weeks ago week, he took care of our daughter like he never did before, brought her to school everyday, it’s simple you’ll say but it ment so much. We started this conversation, making a family plan. To support us, to show another routine also to this beautiful woman, our little Padma, to be. Giving her the freedom and not the burden to chose from a memory of a mother in service of love instead of guilt.
    Much love to all of you. May love rise together with the full moon and howl sisters, howl to the drum of your beating heart, <3 big smiles from Belgium.

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